The way relationships
get built.

Leading brands and publishers power their customer relationships using Blaize.  Learn how our intuitive decision engine helps you deliver long term customer value.

Drive the subscription economy​

There is no stopping the subscription economy.  Product and marketing teams have adopted our decision engine to turn one-off consumers into long term relationships through identity aware experience control - at scale.

Increase speed to market

As business users rely on digital to engage the newly empowered consumer, innovation and velocity is critical to deliver long term value.  

Our customers use Blaize to innovate and bring new products to market.​

Make your own rules​

The Blaize decision engine puts control into the hands of business users, allowing non-technical teams to collaborate and evolve rules that surround their digital real estate.​​

Connect with the newly empowered consumer​

The consumer is changing.  We believe that a newly empowered consumer will not share their data without a fair exchange of value.  With Blaize, business users can deliver web scale access management and total personalization.​

Blaize combines access and identity design to allow businesses to establish a permissioned, known 1st party relationship with audiences.​

Simple interface​

Simple interface with code free deployment​

Highly secure

Rule sets that cannot be circumvented​

User centric design​

Never cuts corners with third party data​


Rapid deployment and rollout​


Connect to Blaize​

Contact Blaize for a free demo of our platform and connect with powerful journey and experience management - that puts you in control​.