Identity aware experience control

Blaize is a mass scale decision engine which automates digital experiences, building relationships and long term value for customers.

The Blaize Rules Engine

At the heart of Blaize is a powerful decision engine, governing access to your site, and our most important feature is the visual and intuitive rules builder that lets business stakeholders govern how it reaches its decisions.

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How It Works

Blaize acts as a gateway to your website, intercepting user requests and applying identity and access rules before the a page even reaches the user’s browser. This allows Blaize to implement paywalls that can’t be circumvented and to deliver personalized pages faster than any CMS.

How Blaize works

Access decisions can be taken at a granular level - for individual components and widgets on your site or app - based upon a user’s state, information they have given you, entitlements they have been granted or have metered access to, any many more decision points. Once blaize has calculated an outcome, a local CDN node will transform the page’s HTML before delivering it to the end user.

Blaize combines access and identity design to allow businesses to establish a permissioned, known 1st party relationship with audiences.​

Simple interface​

Simple interface with code free deployment​

Highly secure

Rule sets that cannot be circumvented​

User centric design​

Never cuts corners with third party data​


Rapid deployment and rollout​

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